Adding ameliorants to improve soil quality is nothing new. Farmers have been doing it for centuries and for good reason. It’s all about improving the soils capacity to yield and to provide a better return on input investments.

Gradual soil acidification in some areas is a by-product of continuous cropping practices.  It contributes to a decline in productivity which may not be noticeable because it happens slowly, however if left unchecked soil acidity can take a long time to rectify.

The good news is acidic soils can be remedied by applying lime and that’s why we see more and more farmers liming today. Once the pH has been returned to its optimum the soil has the potential to support healthy plant growth and return higher yields.

At AgriSpread we are proud to be able provide farmers with the modern, reliable and easy to use tools to accurately apply lime sand as well as other soil ameliorates, manures and fertilisers.

The AgriSpread range of spreaders has proved to be great machines adopted by more than 250 leading farmers across Australia. Applying a range of varied materials more accurately from 1kg/ha up to 10,000kg/ha and more importantly with the capacity to spread urea to 36m.

AgriSpread comes with two sets of spinner discs. One set is for relatively free flowing fertilisers and the other for products like manure, gypsum, lime etc. where the bulk density can be variable.

The AgriSpread can be connected to any ISOBUS compatible tractor. The AgriSpread’s Apollo graphic user interface or Virtual Implement (VI) loads into the tractor display or Virtual Terminal (VT).

From the VT display the Apollo VI graphic user interface will be seen and from here the operator controls the AgriSpread. The Apollo setup, calibration and rate control is all managed through the VI on the VT display.

The AgriSpread will apply products with variable bulk density with precision using the dynamic calibration mode. In the dynamic calibration mode the Apollo compares the actual rate to the target rate and varies the belt speed to compensate.

The bin sits on load cells and with the floor belt being driven hydraulically the AgriSpread drive allows for variable bulk density product application and variable rate control.

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