Does Applying Gypsum make a difference?

In cropping country where the pH is high, the science definitely suggest yes.  Applying gypsum is nothing new but it is catching on among continuous broadacre cropping farmers who are looking to tweak their soils to improve productivity.

Applying gypsum on alkaline sodic soils improves the structure which increases emergence, root growth and nutrient uptake. In a sustainable continuous cropping environment maintaining or improving the soils fertility is fundamental.

Gypsum helps to improve the physical quality of the soil and boosts it ability to retain water. It is also a great source of calcium and sulphur which is good for quality and yield.

Gypsum is readily available around Australia but can be variable in bulk density depending on moisture content. To accurately apply products with a variable bulk density you need a spreader with load cells and auto rate control, like on the AgriSpread which does an excellent job of spreading gypsum up to 16m.

With the AgriSpread the bin sits on load cells and the floor belt is driven hydraulically. They work together with a unique feature called dynamic calibration, which is an on-the-go auto calibration mode. A feature specifically designed to handle the accurate application of products with varying bulk density.

In dynamic calibration mode the AgriSpread Apollo controller compares the actual rate to the target rate and varies the belt speed to compensate.

AgriSpread is a precision spreader and is certified to spread urea to 36m by the Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA).  It can also spread accurately down to 1kg/ha for products like mouse off and snail baits, and up 10,000kg/ha for product like manure.

AgriSpread comes standard with two sets of spinner discs to handle the range of product being applied on farm. One set is for relatively free flowing fertilisers and the other for products like manure, gypsum, lime etc. where the bulk density can be variable.

The AgriSpread is easily connected to any ISOBUS compatible tractor through the Apollo graphic user interface or Virtual Implement (VI) which is loaded into the tractor display or Virtual Terminal (VT).

From the VT displays the Apollo VI graphic user interface will be seen and from here the operator controls the AgriSpread. The Apollo setup, calibration and rate control is all managed through the VI on the VT display.

The AgriSpread is very durable with the bottom third and rear of the bin made from stainless steel. All the fixtures, nuts, bolts and hydraulic fittings are also manufactured from stainless Steel.

As the Australian distributor of the AgriSpread product Waringa Distribution has seen the spreaders quickly build a large following.  The product has gained a solid reputation and the very satisfied Agri Spread customers on the ground and out in the paddock are the products best and most reliable form of advertising

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