Sectional Control

The Agri-Spread section control spreader use two independent, hydraulically controlled conveyors via GPS, to feed material onto independently controlled hydraulic spinners to give the applicator the most precise distribution of product where required. The twin conveyor system give the spreader the ability to change the rate on either side of the machine in relation to the spread width/rate required. […]

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The AgriSpread AS2200-T is a tandem axle 20m³ spreader capable of carrying 16.6t of fertiliser and 23.3t of lime sand. The AS2200-T is the second largest of the new AS2000 range and sits on a 3m axle with a steerable rear axle. To eliminate belt slippage AgriSpread has designed and developed the Positive Drive Conveyor […]

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Richard Marsland, Farm Manager Michael Farms – Mingenew

“ Since we’ve had it over the past four years now, it has rarely missed a beat”

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