James Heggaton – Kojonup

    “Spreading has become a huge part of our program and we have found ourselves running these machines almost 8 months of the year. We have purchased the Agri-Spread AS2150T SC, the Sectional Control has been fantastic for our business, being able to accurately apply fertiliser onto the right part of the paddock is […]

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AgriSpread covering all bases in SA

Sam Bussenschutt with his father Brian and brother Ben upgraded to an AgriSpread AS120 this year for their TRIPLE B FARMING enterprise at Paskeville on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsular.

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Adding ameliorants to improve soil quality is nothing new. Farmers have been doing it for centuries and for good reason. It’s all about improving the soils capacity to yield and to provide a better return on input investments. Gradual soil acidification in some areas is a by-product of continuous cropping practices.  It contributes to a […]

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Does Applying Gypsum make a difference?

In cropping country where the pH is high, the science definitely suggest yes.  Applying gypsum is nothing new but it is catching on among continuous broadacre cropping farmers who are looking to tweak their soils to improve productivity. Applying gypsum on alkaline sodic soils improves the structure which increases emergence, root growth and nutrient uptake. […]

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The Agco-Terragator TG8400

Agri-Spread have recently fitted the first AS100 units with load cells

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AgriSpread App – how to download

We are pleased to launch the latest updated version of our AgriSpread App. Available across all android and apple devices. The rate table feature allows the user to search application rate charts for the appropriate machines settings based on spread width, required rate and fertiliser type. A second feature, the fertiliser application rate calculator is […]

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AgriSpread Demo – Wongan Hills

Devout Digital published this video on March 19 2016 of an AS150T with the prototype Hydraulic Folding Curtains.  It is a great demonstration of the VRT capabilities of the AgriSpread while spreading Lime near Wongan Hills.   to watch click here

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