The AgriSpread AS2130-T is a tandem axle 13m³ spreader capable of carrying 13.5t of fertiliser and 19t of lime sand. The AS2130-T sits on either a 2m or 3m axle with an optional steerable rear axle.

To eliminate belt slippage AgriSpread has designed and developed the Positive Drive Conveyor System for the AS2000 range of spreaders. The conveyor floor-belt is a flexible belt with a smooth surface on one side and with teeth moulded on the underside which run over a matching cage roller drive system. The patented Positive Drive Conveyor provides maximum synchronised power transmission to the belt to ensure low noise, no slippage and precise application rate control.

The AS2130-T is durable with a new bin and chassis design. The 2000 series is released with a redesigned bin shape with formed cuts and folds to prevent material build up. The front panel is now completely fabricated with stainless steel along with the rear and the bottom third of the bin and full fabrication of extensions. Other new features include adjustable hitch options, two sight inspection windows and a swinging hydraulic hose holder. Stainless steel pressure and return lines are fitted to minimise oil temperature, increase longevity and reduce maintenance. All other cabling is now encased inside the chassis rails to avoid cable erosion, corrosion or damage.

The AS2000 Hydraulic Valve Assembly is compatible with tractors using load sensing hydraulics. The Disc spinners and belt drive(s) now independently control their hydraulic oil requirement. The new hydraulic valve assembly is standard on the new series and can also be operated as a fixed pump for non-load sensing tractors.

Each AS2000 series comes complete with a calibration and test kit which includes the high spec calibration kit includes; 13 test trays with dividing inserts, test tubes, bulk density meter, hardness tester, granular sieve, and a windometer. This kit has been designed to assist with the correct set-up and testing of the rate, flow and distribution pattern of spread products

The latest AgriSpread AS2000 series is an advanced precision spreader, which takes simplicity, durability, capacity and accuracy to the next level.


ModelAS2130T (2m)AS2130T (3m)
Bin Length (mm)46404640
Bin Width (mm)22452245
Loading Height - load cells (mm)27102710
Capacity (m³)1313
Fetiliser Capacity Heaped (tonnes)13.513.5
Lime Capacity Heaped (tonnes)1919
Unladen Weight - load cell (kg)58006500
Carrying Capacity (kg)1950019500
Tyres600/55-26.5 BKT600/55-26.5 BKT
Axle Cross Section (mm)2x127SQ2x127SQ
Wheel Stud10 STUD10 STUD
Axle Track Width (m)23
Sprung DrawbarYESYES
Hopper MeshYES (75mm)YES (75mm)
Rate Controller TypeISOBUSISOBUS
Variable Rate ReadyYESYES
Hydraulic BrakesYESYES
Roll Over CoverYESYES
Load CellsYESYES
Vertical Load on Hitch - Unladen (kg)551618
Vertical Load on Hitch - Max laden (kg)35423640
Steerable AxleNO - OptionalNo - Optional
Fethers False DoorYESYES


ModelAS2130T (2m)AS2130T (3m)
In-Cab Border ControlYESYES
Hydraulic Folding CurtainsYESYES
Stainless Steel HopperYESYES
Steerable AxleYESYES
Tyre OptionsYESYES
Section Control - no retrofitYESYES
  • Capacity 13m³
  • Load Cells
  • Stainless Steel Fittings and Pressure Lines
  • 36m Fertiliser Discs
  • Lime, Manure and Gypsum Discs
  • Suspension and Sprung Draw Bar
  • 600/55-26.5 BKT tyres
  • 2M or 3M Wheel Centre
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Roll Tarp
  • Calibration and Test Kit
  • FACTORY OPTION - Section Control
  • Steerable Axle
  • Hydraulic Folding Curtains
  • Border Control
  • Stainless Steel Bin

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