AgriSpread’s Performance and Consistency offers a versatile spreading solution

AgriSpread’s Performance and Consistency offers a versatile spreading solution

Tom Gooding with his father Dave and brother Luke farm Uralla, a cotton and grain growing enterprise west of Dalby.  They recently took delivery of a new Agrispread AS150, and this is what Tom had to say about it.

Our only concern was how well it would spread urea at 36m and manure at 12m. We didn’t know of anyone else achieving these spread widths accurately so naturally we were keen to find out.

Since getting the Agrispread and using it across the test trays we no longer have any doubt about its spreading capability and the coverage is excellent. We couldn’t be happier with the performance.

In one 13 hour day we spread 350 tonnes of cow manure which is really good going. Being able to apply manure up to 10t/ha and then low rates of urea with the same machine adds enormous versatility.

The Load Cells and the Dynamic application rate control functionality means our spreading is highly accurate and we have consistent coverage across our paddocks.

We like the rear wheel steering on the headlands which allows the Agrispread to follow the tractor without any scuffing.  We use the power beyond hydraulic capability of the tractor and would highly recommend it to anyone considering buying an Agrispread. It reduces heat generation and allows the tractor to decide the oil flow.

We are very pleased with the Agrispread and would be happy to recommend it.

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