AgriSpread : Fertiliser, Lime, Gypsum & Manure Spreader

To accurately apply products with a variable bulk density you need a spreader with load cells and auto rate control like on the Agri-Spread, which does an excellent job of spreading lime, gypsum and manure.

With the Agri-Spread the bin sits on load cells and the floor belt is driven hydraulically. They work together with a unique feature called dynamic calibration, which is an on-the-go auto calibration mode. A feature specifically designed to handle the accurate application of products with varying bulk density.

In dynamic calibration mode the Agri-Spread Apollo controller compares the actual rate to the target rate and varies the belt speed to compensate.

Agri-Spread is a precision spreader and is certified by AFSA to spread urea to 36m. It can spread accurately down to 1kg/ha for products like mouse off and snail baits and up 10,000kg/ha for product like manure.

Agri-Spread comes standard with two sets of spinner discs to handle the range of product being applied on farm. One set for relatively free flowing fertilisers and the other for products with a variable bulk density like manure, gypsum, lime.

The Agri-Spread easily connected to any ISOBUS compatible tractor through the Apollo graphic user interface which loads into the tractor Virtual Terminal

The Apollo setup, calibration and rate control is all managed through the VT ensuring application rate accuracy, irrespective of forward speed, product density or application rate

The Agri-Spread is very durable with the bottom third and rear of the bin made from stainless steel. As well all of the fixtures, nuts, bolts and hydraulic fittings are made from stainless.

As the Australian distributor of the Agri-Spread product Waringa Distribution has seen the spreaders quickly build a large following.  The product has gained a solid reputation and the very satisfied Agri-Spread customers on the ground and out in the paddock are the products best and most reliable form of advertising.

Features and Benefits Guide


  • No stripping
  • Accurate to within a few kg in a paddock
  • Spreads down to 1kg/ha (Mouse Off)
  • Spreads up to 10t/ha manures
  • Spreads urea to 36m as Certified by AFSA
  • Fine-tuned to suit the product
  • Auto rate control
  • Two sets of discs (one for fertiliser & one for lime, gypsum & manure)
  • Set up & adjustment training


Calibration kit with 13 test trays, 13 test tubes, density scale, kernel hardness tester, grading box, anemometer and downloadable AgriSpread app

  • Calculates the bulk density
  • Tests fertiliser hardness for quality & spread characteristics
  • Tests fertiliser size to determine spread width characteristic
  • Checks wind speed & consistency
  • Measures the spread accuracy
  • Fine-tunes the AgriSpread


Dynamic weighing rate control

  • Applies variable bulk density products with precision
  • Compares actual v’s target rate and varies the belt speed to compensate


Two sets of spinner discs, one for fertiliser and the other for lime, gypsum & manure

  • Maximises accuracy for different products
  • Spreads urea to 36m, independently certified
  • Spreads Lime & Gypsum to 16m


ISOBUS compatible

  • Connects to any ISOBUS compatible tractor
  • Manage setup, calibration and rate control from the VT display
  • Auto rate controller
  • VRT ready


Load cells

  • Ultimate accuracy
  • Dynamic weighing
  • Ease of calibration
  • Enable fully-automatic, continuous calibration
  • Rate controlled within a few kg in a paddock


Heavy duty chassis & bin

  • Strong and durable
  • Built to last


Stainless steel to the bottom third of the bin, the entire back end as well as all nuts, bolts, belt rollers, rear discharge & hydraulic fittings

  • High strength and durable
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Low maintenance


Paint – Two pack Shot Blasted and Furnace Baked

  • UV resistant
  • Provides a surface finish that lasts for years


Suspended draw bar

  • Dampens shock energy transfer between tractor & Agri-Spread
  • Extends the life of the spreader


Pinch roller

  • guarantees no belt slippage
  • Consistent rate control


Nylon belt bearing

  • Long life
  • Resists corrosion
  • Service friendly


Brakes & LED tail lights

  • Stopping power when you need it
  • Stay in control of heavy loads
  • Safety on roads


Flotation tyres & Mudguards

  • Provides a better ride
  • Reduces compaction
  • Keeps the spreader clean


Border control

  • reduces coverage near sensitive areas


Hydraulic folding curtain

  • Hydraulic folds for transport
  • Deflects the oncoming air over the curtain
  • Low density products can be applied in windy conditions
  • Spreads when other applicators have stopped
  • Increases productivity


Hopper mesh 75mm

  • Keeps lumps too big to be discharged out of the hopper



  • Maintains a uniform flow of high bulk density products onto the spinners


Hydraulic belt drive

  • Provides for variable speed, dynamic rate control and VRT


Fethers False Door fitted to the main door

  • Provides for the application of very low rates of products like Mouse Off, Snail Baits and small seeds


Roll Tarp

  • Keeps the hopper clean during the off season
  • Keeps the product dry if spreading in the wet


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