AgriSpread covering all bases in SA

AgriSpread covering all bases in SA

Sam Bussenschutt with his father Brian and brother Ben upgraded to an AgriSpread AS120 this year for their TRIPLE B FARMING enterprise at Paskeville on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsular.

This is what Sam had to say about choosing the AgriSpread for their 2600ha continuous cropping program.

We were looking for a trailing spreader with the capacity to spread lime, gypsum and granular fertilisers as well as spread mouse bait.

Having looked at a few trailing spreaders the Agri-Spread stood out to us because of its construction and simplicity.

We wanted a hydraulic belt drive spreader with load cells to guarantee the target rate in every paddock and we haven’t been disappointed.

The AgriSpread has delivered as promised and we are very impressed with the accuracy, its operation and how smooth it is in the paddock. We have spread Mouse-Off at 1kg/ha and we are spreading our urea accurately to 36mtr.

We like that you can plug straight into the ISOBUS on the back of the tractor. The AgriSpread is very simple to set up on the VT and it’s easy to use. We also like that all the information is at our fingertips with the AgriSpread smartphone app.

The AgriSpread covers all bases for us. It’s a well built, accurate and versatile spreader and it’s a very low maintenance machine.

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